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Why do a PhD?

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Phd in my mindBack after a longtime 🙂 after all even I am doing my doing my PhD  So, I have been thinking a lot about what to write, and now I know what I should. So, a lot of us are not able to decide whether we should really pursue PhD or not? I have tried to give my own logic and justification on why one should do a PhD, however I welcome a different point of view also.

A PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is an in depth research of chosen topic.  The work produced for the PhD must fundamentally be original, in other words written by only you, containing your thoughts and findings. Once all the research is complete, it is presented in a thesis.

Some reasons behind doing a PhD ..

  • Sometimes people are fascinated by a particular topic
  • Some people do it because they know that they want to work in academia
  • Some just want to stay at university 3 more years
  • Some people are good at doing research and they want to become experts
  • And some just want to be called Dr!
  • Some consider it as a need
  • Some people end-up doing Phd just because they have done well in their degree and asked to do

Some people enjoy  understanding things and also enjoy very much explaining things to other people, so they feel  much comfortable in the academic environment and they think Phd is the right thing to do.

When you do a Phd you should expect to motivate yourself, to be proactive, to be initially overwhelmed and keep that spirit through out , to keep on top of current literature, 2-3 weeks holiday although more offered!, spending long hours but flexible and to think about nothing but your PhD…especially when writing up!

Doing a Phd is getting chance of 3 years to develop skills including team working, project management, presentation skills etc and it is extremely fulfilling when you finish! Get Dr. before your name.

On the same time there are reasons not to do a Phd . Academia is extremely competitive and not that well paid most of the time there are more PhD graduate than posts available. Sometimes difficult to convince employers that you are not too specialised ,have to put focus on transferable skills. Also it takes three years of life…could be learning on the job skills and sometimes you  feel  ‘too specialised’ at the end.


  1. Lusekelo Mwakalindile says:

    Thank you for this information that has inspired me, as I am preparing to start my PhD soon.

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