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Disrupting the monopoly of bigger commercial publishers in scholarly publications


Academic publishers charge vast fees to access research paid for by us. Down with the knowledge monopoly racketeers 

Who are the most ruthless capitalists in the western world? Whose monopolistic practices make Walmart look like a corner shop and Rupert Murdoch a socialist? You won’t guess the answer in a month of Sundays. While there are plenty of candidates, my vote goes not to the banks, the oil companies or the health insurers, but – wait for it – to academic publishers. Theirs might sound like a fusty and insignificant sector. It is anything but. Of all corporate scams, the racket they run is most urgently in need of referral to the competition authorities” – The Guardian

Accessing research papers have not been easy and have been exploited and monopolized by bigger commercial publishers.

Imagine a researcher or a post graduate student from Africa or South Asia trying to access a research paper which costs around $30 – $40 USD. With less than $250 USD as their monthly stipend, it is not sufficient to cover even 10 Articles. This is a scenario when they spend their entire stipend on research articles and on nothing else.

High cost of accessing these papers especially for emerging regions like South Asia, Africa and Latin America have severely affects new innovations and discoveries from these regions, slowing their development and restricting access to basic knowledge.  This halts progress on all levels — even things crucial to survival, like cures for diseases.

open-access-logoOpen access has emerged as a strong alternative and have granted access to cutting edge peer reviewed research papers, fostering research and development and being a catalyst in the scientific growth of these regions.

Facing the problem of exorbitant cost of research articles and taking a cue from the emerging trends in Open Access development, three researchers from India and Sri Lanka decided to solve the problem, not only for themselves but for millions of students and researchers from these regions and built a search platform for open access research articles www.rockyourpaper.org .

Our solution is simple and effective; taking the road of Open Access, they created a platform where students and researchers can get access to relevant articles for free. While having options to their affordable services.

Our unique platform not only helps you search through open access research articles but also helps to manage your searches.

Rockyourpaper is a platform for researchers and students to discover and manage relevant research articles in an affordable way. 


About RockYourPaper – Started by three researchers from India and Sri Lanka, RYP aims to bring free access to research articles. If you would like to know more details about the project, send an email at team@rockyourpaper.org 

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