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What we do?


The exorbitant cost of accessing knowledge is a critical stumbling block.

For individuals, downloading one research article costs $30-40

We want to help 15 million knowledge seekers  like universities, businesses, governments and the media around the world who download 300 articles every minute to discover, engage & get inspired by cutting edge wisdom!

Our solution will create an online knowledge cafe, where we aggregate existing small Open access journals (that usually publish less than 25 articles), tap into university digital libraries, unlock government archives on public funded research AND create a lively encourage authors submit their articles to be published as Open Access resources, and create a buzzling academic community that gives in-depth reviews on work. (At present some of the best journals published by academic societies have only 3 peer-reviews per article. Some popular open access journals have only one reviewer leading to “cluttering” in the research space.)   This is the first step.

Next,  we would extend it to a mobile app, that allows users to create and share their own journals and article libraries.  They can also access abstracts of academic conferences, before attending sessions.

Our mantra to allow better discovery of relevant research – to help search across disciplines and rank articles NOT just based on the number of citations but use a combined matrix of citations, downloads, reviews and recommendations.

The final aim is to give researchers and universities the flexibility to really PAY FOR WHAT THEY USE!

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